Cleaning Photo Gallery

Breakfast nook with years of nicotine

This is a breakfast nook in a home where homeowners smoked indoors for over 30 years. As we began cleaning soot from an upstairs fire, we discovered that the walls were supposed to be white, not beige. The homeowner was tickled with the level of cleaning we did to restore her home.

Breakfast nook is nicotine free

Here is the AFTER photo of the breakfast nook. Not only did we clean the soot off the walls, the caked on nicotine was removed to expose the original paneling.

Ceiling fan BEFORE photo

This ceiling fan had not been turned off for nearly 30 years. After an electrical house fire upstairs, this master bedroom ceiling fan got quite the makeover. It's furry blades will operate much more efficiently after cleaned.

Ceiling fan AFTER photo

After cleaning soot and dust from this 30 year old ceiling fan, it looks almost as good as new.

Master bathroom BEFORE photo

While cleaning soot off tile walls in this master bathroom, we just did a thorough mold cleaning too. This the BEFORE photo...

Master bathroom AFTER photo

Its impossible to clean the soot off tile without doing a thorough cleaning on the entire surface. This is the AFTER photo of the soot and mildew removal in this master bathroom. Some of the grout needs to be redone and cleaners wouldn't get it all, but it looks much better!