Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Neon clock causes fire

An NFL logo neon clock in a 'mancave" was the culprit of a local fire. The fire was extinguished quickly but the smoke and soot damage created a mess throughout the entire house.

Soot web

This is a soot web created during a house fire in Manchester, TN. They occur as the hot soot from the fire clings to cooler dust and air particles thus forming a web like design. Heat will always cling to cooler surfaces first.

Soot leaves nothing untouched

Soot finds its way to every surface, even through cracks in closed doors. This curio cabinet housed various memorabilia in a "man-cave" in Manchester, TN. Each items was removed, thoroughly cleaned and replaced after the cabinet was wiped down too.

Ceiling salvaged

The ceiling doesn't have to be torn out after a fire. Although this particular ceiling area was right next to the source of the fire, it was cleaned, sealed and repainted. Voila, "Like it never even happened!"

After our clean up crew is finished

This is the AFTER photo for the curio cabinet pictured above. Each item was cleaned (some with a toothbrush to get tiny areas of football players and stadiums) and replaced in exactly the same spot the homeowner had it. We used our before photos to help us know how to put everything back in it's home spot.