Recent Before & After Photos

Residential Water Damage in Franklin County

This family’s Estill Springs residence experienced serious water damage after a refrigerator supply line leaked. SERVPRO of Coffee, Franklin, Warren Count... READ MORE

Home Restoration

This home in Mc Minnville had the ice maker supply line in the refrigerator burst and caused water damage. The flooring in the Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Roo... READ MORE

Laundry Room Damaged from Dryer Fire

The sound of a smoke alarm in your home can be terrifying. Image if it went off in the middle of the night while you were sleeping. Well that exactly what hap... READ MORE

Leaking Toilet

Small leaks can cause big problems. This customer had a leaking toilet and called us out to perform water mitigation services. After completing the drying ser... READ MORE

Broken Pipe in Bathroom

Indoor plumbing is great...until a water damage occurs. This customer woke up one morning to wet carpet. Upon inspection it was determined that a pipe had bro... READ MORE

Dining Room Before and After Water Damage

Our customer had an ice maker line leak for an undetermined amount of time. The one time water damage had turned to mold was by the time they realized what had... READ MORE


This kitchen had a refrigerator leak that caused the flooring to be unrestorable. Since the flooring ran under the cabinets we had to remove them to take up all... READ MORE

Driveway and Exterior Home Cleaning

Cleaning a concrete driveway and the exterior of a home? Of course we can do that! This local resident was in the process of selling his home. He called us t... READ MORE

Tennessee Crawlspace

We have a saying at SERVPRO of Coffee/Franklin/Warren counties and these pictures display it very well: "That's a normal Tennessee crawl space." Mold growth is ... READ MORE

Renter left a mess behind

This picture is just one of many of a beautiful home in Manchester, TN (Coffee county) that was left in a mess when a rental occupant moved out. Before the home... READ MORE